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Story of Top FootWear and the Shoe Tree

Did you notice our big green tree perched at the top of the home page? It is our design, and it is no ordinary tree. If you inspect its elements a bit, you will notice that such a tree is made entirely of shoes. Not just any shoes at that: Winston USA (our featured brand) shoe silhouettes. Our hottest selling category, mens fashion shoes, decorates most of the tree. A large green tree made out of shoes? What is the purpose of this?

Should you search the words of 'shoe tree', you will find many results. They are an interesting insight as to how we've treated the world around us. Some results will show you trees which have had thousands of shoes tossed onto the tree. Unfortunately those shoes will simply stay where they are since the materials won't be absorbed into the earth for decades, especially since many shoes are made using toxic chemicals. Such phenomena have been our inspiration…

The goal

Top FootWear's ultimate goal is to have a tree's worth of shoes, boxes, and bags that are organic and biodegradable like a tree. As you may or may not know, many materials are processed that cannot be easily absorbed back into the earth. So for Americana and life on the road, we want to help make your next shoe toss an environmentally responsible one, without you needing to worry about it.

Our progress so far

Top FootWear began its transition to green many years ago by changing the workplace's energy sources into more efficient units. Various office hardware is energy efficient. Even our printers utilize refillable ink systems to severely cut down on waste. Some of our shoes, such as our LGM-1066 leather shoe, has TPR technology in the sole, using less energy and makes it more recyclable. We've carried and sold 100% recyclable bags for over 4 years under our parent company.
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We are making headway in the conversion of our lineup of shoes to the green side. We will have announcements when more of our shoes are eco-friendly. For now we would like you to know that we are certainly continuing in that direction.

How you can help

We wrote this page to let you know how we desire to contribute to preserving the Earth, and to raise awareness for greener living. It is possible for everyone to change. It is possible to reduce waste and improve energy efficiency simply by the purchasing choices that you make. We encourage everyone to recycle as much as possible and as such think twice about simply tossing a can of Coke into the bushes when no one is looking. Don't drive half a block to a restaurant when you can walk. Use water purifiers instead of buying water bottles. Have you tried growing your own veggies? Food is getting pretty expensive, so if you've been mulling the thought, now's a good a time as any. Please notice that these tips also serve as money back in your pocket. We don't need to be treehuggers to do our part! For more tips, please check out: http://www.worldwatch.org/node/3915

We want to support companies encouraging a greener world, such as companies that plant new trees and provide the appropriate certifications, so please email us at kin@topfootwear.com

Top FootWear would like to express its gratitude to its customers over the years in helping with this transition.

Corporate Stuff:

About Top Footwear USA, Inc

Top FootWear has been in the footwear industry for over ten years, selling to independent, chain and deparment stores. Our Winston USA® trademark appears nationwide on our shoes, which are sold in numerous states across the country. We created the Winston USA® trademark to look good, feel good and sound good!

We provide wholesale prices for shoes, such as Women's comfort wedge shoes, Men's dress & Causal shoes, Boots, Sandals and Slippers etc. We always offer the lowest prices.

Hope to do business with you!
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